NiacinMax Review - How To Use, Dosage, Side Effects

Maximize Your Athletic Performance With NiacinMax!

Niacin is an essential vitamin thanks to its large-scale health and fitness benefits. As it seems, there’s a lot of popular research around this vitamin that confirms its numerous benefits.

Several medical studies confirmed that Niacin influences the oxygen flow and athletic performance in professional sportsmen. Since it is not easy to identify minimal improvements in professional sportsmen, these studies were able to document the major enhancements in performance.

NiacinMax is a pre-workout help with a twist – it’s not a tablet, it’s not a shake, actually it’s a simple to use dissolvable strip that when put under the tongue, without delay brings 75mg of Niacin into your bloodstream.

NiacinMax ReviewsBoast your blood with:

  • Greatly increased red blood cell count
  • More oxygen in your muscles by 50%
  • Higher HGH levels by over 600%
  • More oxygen in your brain too
  • 75mg of pure niacin
  • All with no side effects

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NiacinMax will increase oxygen levels by nearly 50% by boosting your blood circulation, multiplying your red blood cells and protecting your cells from oxidative deterioration, enabling you to perform at your best.

Oxygen is required for releasing of energy and is, in fact, responsible for creation of 90% of your energy. When your oxygen level is low, your athletic performance will greatly suffer.
Another great benefit of this product is higher HGH levels by more than 6 times. HGH is responsible for faster muscle growth and is essential when it comes to recovery after your challenging training sessions.

As we already said, NiacinMax is a miniature strip that dissolves under your tongue, allowing the niacin to be instantly absorbed through the mucose in your mouth and into your bloodstream. It uses liposomal encapsulation technology to preserve the niacin right up until the time it is transported to your tissues.

Liposomal Encapsulation

Liposomes are tiny, double-layered bubbles that enclose the niacin protecting it from destruction and distributing it safely into your blood stream. Liposomes are made of phospholipids, the same substance that creates the membranes of cells.

In your blood, the liposomes fuse with and bring the niacin straight into your cells. In other words, the niacin is better protected, transported faster, and more beneficial as compared to traditional pills or shakes.

When you use niacin tablets, only 15% of this vitamin is able to get into your bloodstream. NiacinMax delivers 90% genuine niacin straight into your blood, thereby making it more powerful than any other supplement. It is the most bioavailable niacin supplement available in the market.

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How do I use this supplement?

You should use these strips when you wake up and before your morning meal. Simply place the strip under your tongue and wait few moments to completely dissolve.

fast acting strips

You will notice the best results from NiacinMax if you have your workout routine 3-5 hrs after dissolving it – this is the time when the delayed HGH release will achieve its peak.

If you are working out 5 or more days per week, another strip 3-4 hours before you go to sleep can additionally boost your performance and help you with the faster recovery.

Have NiacinMax users registered some side effects?

There is no report of any negative effects while using this supplement. On the other hand, if you have previous experience with similar supplements you must be familiar with the Niacin Flush. It is completely normal reaction, and it actually indicates that the product works as it’s meant to.

It happens to every user and it is completely safe. The flush will last only 10-15 minutes and will become milder with every new dose.

Niacin is a vasodilator so it enlarges all the blood vessels, which in turn allows more blood to circulate through them, delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the cells and tissues.

Where to buy NiacinMax?

If you want to buy this effective supplement, it is only available to buy from the official website.

guaranteeThe price starts at $39.99 for 30 strips, but it can cost you only $23.99 per 30 strips if you order in bulk.

NiacinMax has been wisely designed to provide you just the correct amount of active ingredients required to bring optimal results.

As a result it should help to increase your body’s oxygen and HGH levels safely and efficiently in a short period of time.

This supplement is backed by a 67-day guarantee just in case you are not completely satisfied with the outcomes. Therefore you are completely protected.

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